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Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska - Essay Example Flint is a slaveholder and owns Linda who is a black slave on his plantation. Dr. Flint is the tormenter and burden in Linda's life for all of her early years. Linda and Sara live under the ruling of these men until neither can take it any longer. Both girls eventually escape, through many struggles, to start their own life and leave their past behind. Reb Smolinsky and Dr. Flint closely relate when it comes to the topic of work and attitude. Both put their underlings to work while they do what they want with their sufficient free time. Reb Smolinsky does not work but instead lives his life studying the Torah and memorizing every aspect of it while his daughters work full time and bring home all of their wages to him, keeping nothing for themselves. His wife waits on him hand and foot while he gets the first choice for every meal set on the table. At one point in the story when they came into some money, Sarah mentions, "Now all of us had meat for the Sabbath- not only father. And sometimes Mother had a half chicken for Father" (Yezierska 29). This shows that the father almost always had either a larger portion of meat or the only portion, never feeling bad for the rest of the family. When they moved to America, Reb made his wife and children carry his Holy books "instead of taking along feather beds, and the samovar, and the bras s pots and pans like other people"(Yezierska 8). He only thought of himself and what he wanted for his daughters and wife. Reb Smolinsky's cold, selfish attitude and undesirable personality can also be seen in Dr. Flint. Dr. Flint also had his slaves waiting on him hand and foot while he got to eat whatever he wanted and tells them to do whatever it was he wanted them to do. He realizes the extent of his authority and uses it constantly as to remind Linda of the absence of her freedom and the extent of his tyranny. At one point, Dr. Flint says to Linda, "Never look to me for help. You are my slave, and shall always be my slave. I will never sell you, that you may depend upon." (Jacobs 60). Here he is making his authority and her inferiority clear to put her hopes down and raise his pride up. Even though Reb Smolinsky and Dr. Flint have similar ways of treating Sara and Linda, the basis of their treatments have different sources. Dr. Flint does not study readings of the Torah or of any religion for that matter. He seems to be against it in some ways and does not attend church regularly until a certain point in the novel. His dictatorship is based upon the fact that Linda is a slave and he treats her so. He constantly reminds Linda that she is not free and never will be unless he is present in her life. Reb Smolinsky does base all of his rules around his religion and nothing else. He tries to make Sara and his entire family live their lives under the ruling of the Holy Torah. His strict attitude is always reflected by the Torah's dictations. Although both men have similar harsh attitudes and rules for their underlings, there are also many differences between these. The Holy Torah consists of standards which are considered "right" by Reb Smolinsky and he believes that one m ust live this way in order to obtain a place in Heaven. He constantly dictates Sara and the rest of the family by quoting the Holy Torah and reminding them that this is the right way to live and they must abide by it. Dr. Flint is not so concerned with obtaining a place in Heaven or

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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Essay Example for Free

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Essay The mutual set of accounting criteria used to develop medical centers financial statements are known as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). GAAP are a mixture of respected criteria created by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and accountants. The SEC has authority granted by The Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, to determine reporting and disclosure requirements. Oversight is the general functions of the SEC, granting the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) to determine the standards. Generally accepted accounting practices are required for accountant to follow and medical centers to use so medical centers and provide investors with a minimal level of dependability for financing determination. GAAP provides detailed information concerning the medical center fiscal returns, detailed balance and outstanding debt. GAAP guidelines are expected to be upheld by medical centers when giving an account of their economic figures through financial declarations (Finkler Ward, 2006). Going concern principle. Financial statements must be prepared with the belief that the medical center will continue operation indefinitely. Disclosure of pending cease of patient care delivery must be noted in financial statement (Finkler Ward, 2006) Principle of conservatism. Certified public accountants have an obligation to document business purchases that necessitate estimation based on their sound judgment. The total medical equipment productivity time frame and outstanding accounts receivable are illustrations for the use of estimation. In financial data reporting, auditors adhere to conservatism rules, which demands lower appraisal be selected when one or more appraisals are taking in consideration. For example, when the restoration department has reported a five -percent rate return for new MRI machine for the previous three fiscal years, but the medical centers production department claims the reported profit value is inconsistent and there is an expectation that fewer than three percent of the MRI machines will need repair service during the following year. Since there is a discrepancy, the production department will need to presents undeniable proof to authentication the appraisal, the medical center auditor has a duty to adhere to the conservatism principles and prepare for the ive-percent rate return. Losses and costs are documented when they are credible and equitably estimated. Profits are documented when achieved (Finkler Ward, 2006). Matching principle. The medical center expenditures for providing safe patient care should be documented with the corresponding fiscal year in which the income was produced. Documented in the same fiscal year as the income they help to generate. An illustration of this particular cost is the cost of products sold in the medical center, salaries paid to staff. It is consider when patients are admitted to the medical center and the supplies used to provide safe quality care. Revenue is recognized when reimbursed by Medicaid and Medicare (Finkler Ward, 2006). Cost principle. The dollar amount deducted from the budget to purchase land, medical equipment, and supplies. Assets are documented at price purchased, which is equivalent to the price paid to gain acquisition. When a medical centers assets such as property or office structures increase in worth each fiscal year, reappraisal in not required for financial reporting purposes (Finkler Ward, 2006). Objective evidence. For financial reports to be valuable, they must contain information that is pertinent, trustworthy, and organized in a consistent manner. The cost information provided is evidence-based. This means internal and external users could all agree when the medical center reports they purchased telehealth technology for 1. 5 million and they can produce evidence in a form of bank statements or detailed receipt from vendor proving payment, this is reliable information that is verifiable and objective (Finkler Ward, 2006). Materiality principle. Obligates the preparer of the financial report to correct significant errors that otherwise would cause an individual to make a different decision if provided with correct information. When time approaches to approve the budget for additional telehealth equipment, medical center executive may not approve, if they were aware that the program is not beneficial and several telehealth monitors were sitting in storage areas with the local facilities. Insignificant errors may be ignored (Finkler Ward, 2006). Consistency. Medical facilities should use the same accounting methods each fiscal year. Consistency make available significant associations to be achieved among separate fiscal years and among the fiscal reports of separate establishments that employ the similar accounting practices. If the medical center changes their accounting method, the accountant must disclose the change in the financial report (Finkler Ward, 2006). Full disclosure principle. Financial statements usually make available data about the medical center previous performance. However, imminent litigations, unsettled debt, or additional circumstances that have the potential to produce considerable negative influences on the medical centers economic status are also required to be disclosed in financial statements. (Finkler Ward, 2006). In conclusion when medical centers are in compliance with GAAP this will help preserve creditability with creditors and investors because it restore confidence with external customers that the medical center financial reports precisely depict its financial standing.

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To What Extent Does Mildred Taylor Portray T.J. as a Victim of the Times? :: English Literature

To What Extent Does Mildred Taylor Portray T.J. as a Victim of the Times? The novel 'Roll of Thunder' is based around racism and discrimination, during the 1930's. Mildred Taylor has chosen to set her novel in a time where black people were discriminated against. The context in which the story is set is a conscious choice of the writer to emphasise the extent of racism. T.J. is used by Mildred Taylor to represent the injustices the Black community were subjected to in these times. Although T.J. is not portrayed as a victim throughout the novel, he is certainly seen as a victim during the concluding chapters of the book. The narrative is by a young girl of ten years, Cassie. Cassie is a very opinionated, strong willed character who tends to judge people at face value, without taking other factors into consideration. This could be seen as a hindrance in such a novel, a novel that is being used to exploit racism and could benefit from a more open-viewed narrator. In this book however, the character is purposefully made to be single-minded by Mildred Taylor because it encourages the reader to think in more depth about the story. The author uses this narrow perspective of T.J. to encourage the reader to realise that he is a victim of the times. This realisation is encouraged not through Cassie's opinion but because she cannot see this fact until nearing the end of the story. Cassie's view of T.J. is blunt, 'I didn't like T.J. very much,' and during the beginning of the book the reader is persuaded that T.J. is not a nice person as there is no evidence otherwise. As the book proceeds however, the reader can show more insight into details that Cassie overlooks. This is as the writer intends, it helps to include the reader more in the book and is a similar idea to dramatic irony used on the stage. Mildred Taylor has used Cassie's simplistic views of T.J. to persuade the reader to think more deeply. She has used this simple point of view to show that the effect of racism is not always obvious and as the reader comes to realise that T.J. is a victim, Taylor's central theme is portrayed. To help the reader understand that T.J. is a victim of the times, Mildred Taylor uses other characters to show a more balanced opinion of him. Stacey is often used in this way; he is one of the few characters that show sympathy towards T.J. Stacey demonstrates a certain level of understanding about T.J.'s position and why he is how he is.

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Mayella Violet Ewell Essay

Mayella Violet Ewell is Tom Robinson’s 19-and-a-half-year-old accuser and the eldest daughter of Bob Ewell; she has to take care of her siblings (such as Burris Ewell) due to Bob Ewell’s alcoholism. Before the trial, Mayella is noted for growing red geraniums outside her otherwise dirty home. Due to her family’s living situation, Mayella has no opportunity for human contact or love, and she eventually gets so desperate that she attempts to seduce a black man, Tom Robinson. Her father sees this through a window, and in punishment he beats her. Ewell then finds the sheriff, Heck Tate, and tells him that his daughter has been raped and beaten by Tom. At the trial, Atticus proves that it was her father who beat her by pointing out that the bruises are on the right side of her face only. This is important because Tom’s left hand is mangled and useless, while Bob Ewell is left handed. When Atticus Finch asks her if she has any friends, she becomes confused because she does not know what a friend is. During her testimony, she is confused by Atticus’ polite speech and thinks that his use of â€Å"Miss Mayella† is meant to mock her.  By testifying against Tom Robinson, Mayella is trying to destroy the evidence suggesting that she had attempted to seduce him, and to do what her father wants her to do so that he won’t hurt her — to eliminate her own guilt and fear of breaking a ‘rigid and time-honored code’. Mayella is played by Collin Wilcox in the movie.

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Assess the Significance of the Role of Individuals in...

History Coursework: Part B Assess the significance of the role of individuals in reducing racial discrimination in the USA throughout the period 1877-1981 Between the periods of 1877-1981 there were many significant figures who contributed towards reducing racial discrimination in the USA. Although without events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, WWII or the actions of the NACCP to change attitudes towards African Americans, these individuals would have had little effect. The likes of Booker T Washington and Du Bois set the foundation for civil rights along with the Second World War; however other individuals such as Martin Luther King help to actively progress the movement. Along with this the government and various presidents†¦show more content†¦It helped to change attitudes towards black Americans, as they went to war; they were portrayed to be worthy American citizens which changed many white Americans attitudes towards them. The war also created stepping stones for the likes of Martin Luther King to breach into the civil rights movement, therefore not only did it have an impact on black Americans, it also created some success for many civil rights activists. However the war did nothing to reduce discrimination towards other ethnic minorities, for example Japanese Americans received much racial discrimination due to Japans role in WWII. Although the war was bad for the civil rights of Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans received a better way of life, with more civil rights as America forged a great political relationship with China after the war due to their help during it. Therefore WWII was a great influence on reducing racial discrimination within the USA for only certain minorities, although for the likes of Japanese Americans way of life got worse as they were sent to camps until the war ended due to suspicions. The war was more important than earlier individuals as it had a direct impact on reducing racial discrimination, and further effect in the emergence of fresh civil rights activists who would later have a significant role in the movement. As Assess the Significance of the Role of Individuals in... Assess the significance of the role of individuals in reducing racial discrimination in the period 1877-1981. The post-civil war era of American history could be argued as one with great promise for African Americans. With the North winning the Civil War and Lincoln granting the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, surely the seeds had been sown for equality for all in America; blacks and whites included? Despite the foundations having been laid for equality, it may not be surprising that only small progress was made when Lincoln- the â€Å"saviour† of Blacks- had little interest in abolishing slavery in the first place; â€Å"if I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it†. However, it cannot be disputed that, whatever his†¦show more content†¦The NAACPs main focal points were: The abolition of segregation; equal voting rights; educational opportunities for black people; the enforcement of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. Despite the main focuses of the NAACPs campaigns, it could be argued that the main thing they did for the progress of Black Equality was the uniting of Blacks under one force; by 1918 there were around 43,994 members in the NAACP. This gathering of Blacks under one organisation cannot be ignored, for the first time the African-Americans of America were joining together in order to fight for their freedom. One key event which argues against the idea that individuals were significant in reducing racial discrimination is that of WWI; argued by Sanders- â€Å"The First World War generated jobs and gave blacks soldiers a glimpse of greater equality†. The treatment of Blacks abroad- particularly France- showed the African-Americans that the treatment they were receiving at home was unfair and that they were indeed in a situation which needed to change. It is a hard task indeed to decide whether or Black Consciousness increased due to the work solely of individuals such as Du Bois, organisations like the NAACP or events like WWI. Many would argue that it was not a single one of these factors which led to the increase of Blacks realisation of potential. One argument however is that surely without individuals behind the organisations,Show MoreRelatedAssess the Significance of the Role of Individuals in Reducing Racial Discrimination in the Usa Throughout the Period 1877-1981.1995 Words   |  8 PagesHistory Coursework: Part B Assess the significance of the role of individuals in reducing racial discrimination in the USA throughout the period 1877-1981 Between the periods of 1877-1981 there were many significant figures who contributed towards reducing racial discrimination in the USA. Although without events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, WWII or the actions of the NACCP to change attitudes towards African Americans, these individuals would have had little effect. The likes of BookerRead MoreMedicare Policy Analysis447966 Words   |  1792 Pagesfollowing bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committees on Education and Labor, Ways and Means, Oversight and Government Reform, the Budget, Rules, Natural Resources, and the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned A BILL To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth

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V. Purchaser And Buyer Relationships Essay - 896 Words

V. Purchaser and Buyer Relationships in Just In Time Systems A just-in-time system can only exist in an atmosphere where suppliers are reliable and will work to minimize the risk of not having the needed input of production (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 1995). A just-in-time system puts increased stress on both the supplier and purchaser in the course of its implementation and places the purchaser at the mercy of its key suppliers, meaning the supplier must never be wrong in terms of quantity or quality (Karlsson Norr, 1994). Optimally a supplier themselves will be on or working towards a just-in-time system themselves, but this is not always possible (Fallon Browne, 1988). To allow the supplier to accomplish the massive feat mentioned above there are three required elements that must be present: clear communications, close proximity, and close relationships. For a successful just-in-time system to occur the communications between the supplier and purchaser should be clear and unambiguous (Epps, 1995). Traditional just-in-time philosophy also implies that a supplier should be located geographically close to the purchaser though some studies show this is not required if the parties can find other ways to compensate for the geographic distance (Manna, 2008; Karlsson Norr, 1994; Keller Kazazi, 1993). The relationship between purchaser and supplier in a just-in-time program must be one of respect and trust where the supplier is involved in the process and aShow MoreRelatedPlacido Engine Company Essay791 Words   |  4 Pagescorrosion process that may ultimately scrap parts. The cost incurred for the rework will be passed on to the supplier, along with ne gative quality ratings. A disadvantage for this possible solution would be acquiring short-term relationship with the suppliers or end of relationship due to high costs and high expectations. Perhaps Placido would have to find other suppliers that will meet the demands for a low cost, that would be an advantage for the company. b) Another alternative should be usingRead MorePorters Five Model Force in Global Planning1158 Words   |  5 Pagescompany coming from abroad. III. Buyer power The power of buyers is the impact that customers have on a producing industry. In case of monopsony the buyer determines the price. Buyers are powerful if: 1-buyers are concentrated 2- buyers purchase a significant proportion of output- distribution of purchases or if the product is standardized. 3- Buyers possess a credible backward integration threat-can threaten to buy producing firm or rival. Buyers are weak if: 1- Producers threatenRead MoreSale of Goods Act2514 Words   |  11 PagesCase Study 1 Question 1 Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, A contract of Sale is a contract where a seller transfers or agrees to transfer goods or a service to a buyer for money, in the course of a business. The transfer must be for money, barter or exchange are not covered. The Act covers sales and agreements to sell. QuestionRead MoreQuestions On Australian Contract Law1984 Words   |  8 Pagesparties and stated that the buyer would purchase the machine after its approval from the two engineers named in the agreement. One of those engineers subsequently approved the machine and the other one did not. So the buyer refused to comply with the terms stated in the agreement on grounds that since condition precedent to the formation of agreement (i.e., the machine’s approval by the engineers) was not met, a contract cannot be said to have occur. The seller sued the buyer for specific performanceRead MoreCommon Law Offer and Acceptance4477 Words   |  18 PagesPage 1 of 13 The Principles of Contract This section discusses the factors that are vital to the formation of a valid contract: in legal terminology, offer, acceptance, consideration, and the intention to create a legal relationship. It then looks at the contents of the contract, the terms included by the parties and those implied by statute or the courts. The law of contract is of enormous complexity and the following material may be likened to a landscape painted with a ten-inch brush. EveryRead MoreThere are Four Types of Insovency: Voluntary Arrangements, Bankruptcy , Administration and Winding-up2923 Words   |  12 PagesThis essay aims to describe whether the law provides protection for the creditors who are not secured where the buyer becomes insolvent, and if the secured creditors can benefit from the retention of title clause or floating charge. Insolvency is the legal term that describes the situation where a debtor, which is usually a business or a person, is not able to pay his debts when they are due or in the usual course of business . Insolvency occurs from cash flow and recession. There are four mainRead MorePrivity and Law of Contract5771 Words   |  24 PagesContents QUESTION -1 3 The Doctrine of Privity 3 The meaning, history and evolution of the doctrine 3 Relationship between privity and consideration 4 Privity under different laws 5 PRIVITY AND THE LAW OF AGENCY 5 Privity and Agency by Estoppels or Holding out 6 Privity when Sub-agents or Substitute agents are appointed 6 PRIVITY AND THE LAW OF PARTNERSHIP 7 Privity and the act of civil and criminal liability of partners 8 Privity and the liability for holding out 8 PRIVITY AND THERead MoreThe Swot Analysis For Starbucks1359 Words   |  6 Pagescompany price its items in the premium to the centre levels of the business portion which places its items outside the budget of numerous working buyers who want to continuous McDonald’s and different outlets for their coffee rather than Starbucks. (Refer appendix 1.4 for Opportunity and Weakness) For SWOT analysis refer: ( ) Value chain is very important for a company. It contains two parts Primary activities and Supporting activities. PRIMARY ACTIVITESRead MoreCase Review of Mohamad Syedol Arifin V. Yeoh Ooi Gark5368 Words   |  22 PagesCase Comment on Mohamad Syedol Arifin v. Yeoh Ooi Gark TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX OF AUTHORITIES ii Table Of Stautes ii List Of Abbrevations ii List Of Cases ii 1. INTRODUCTION 1 1.1. Research Methodology 3 1.2. Research Plan 3 2. FACTS OF THE CASE 5 3. ISSUES OF CASE 6 4. CONTENTIONS 7 4.1 The Appellant 7 4.2 The Respondent 7 5. JUDGMENT OF THE CASE 9 5.1 At Trial Court 9 5.2 At The Court Of Appeal (HIGH COURT) 9 5.3 At The Privy Council Of Straits Settlements 9 6. COMMENT ONRead MoreStandard Form Contracts3008 Words   |  13 Pagesand to what extent, courts should enforce standard form contracts. On one hand, they undeniably fulfill an important role of promoting economic efficiency. Standard form contracting reduces transaction costs substantially by precluding the need for buyers and sellers of goods and services to negotiate the many details of a sale contract each time the product is sold. On the other hand, there is the potential for inefficient, and even unjust, terms to be accepted by signatories to these contracts. Such

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Human and Computers Interaction - 587 Words

Human Computer Interaction we are all familiar with, a trait characteristic of all humankind that emerged in the early 1980s that started embracing computer science and human factors that would interact with computer. There has been study of how the users of computers utilize them to complete tasks in the environment they will finally be used in. Human Computer Interaction is not just designed for one user and then another user comes along to use it. When been created an HCI system it would have to be considering how the users will interact with computer devices. Human Computer Interaction all aspects have been included in the tasks to be completed, in the technology that will be used by the user (e.g. input/output), how they will interact with the system. Therefore, human computer interaction has become increasingly popular and is important to our society. Over one hundred years ago before, the word computer started to appear in our dictionary people didn’t even know what a c omputer is. Now Human Computer Interaction has expanded rapidly and steadily over three decades. Until the late 1970s, the only humans who interacted with computers were information technology professionals and dedicated hobbyists. This changed disruptively with the emergence of personal computing in the later 1970s. Personal computing, including both personal software (productivity applications, such as text editors and spreadsheets, and interactive computer games) and personal computer platformsShow MoreRelatedHuman Computer Interaction1508 Words   |  7 Pagesa significant impact on human life process. What was on the top of the Maslows Hierarchy of Needs is now performing a vital role in each human life. Due to the swift growth in the technology industry and hardware and software development computerized systems and machines are used on an everyday basis by almost everyone, even people from different fields which are not related to computing. Major sectors such as aviation, he althcare, banking and education adopted computer technology to improve productivityRead MoreHuman-Computer Interaction718 Words   |  3 Pageshealthcare, Human-Computer Interaction has to play a major role. New software is currently being implemented in the hospital setting and many unintentional errors are beginning to arise. These unintentional errors lead healthcare providers to find workarounds. In order to understand why Human-Computer Interaction is so important I will discuss what Human-Computer Interaction is, my personal experience using it, and the procedures put into place to make improvements. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) isRead MoreHuman Computer Interaction : Computer Interface1250 Words   |  5 PagesHuman – Computer Interface The Human-Computer Interaction, as defined by Margret Rouse, â€Å"HCI (human-computer interaction) is the study of how people interact with computers and to what extent computers are or are not developed for successful interaction with human beings (Rouse. 2005).† As the need for computer interaction increased, better means of interacting with computer software became a necessity. The original human-computer interaction involved punch cards, and switches, then programmers hadRead MoreThe Importance Of Human Computer Interaction1110 Words   |  5 Pagesapplications. Human computer interaction in its purest form, encapsulates the ways in which we engage with software through input and output. Understanding the importance and requirements of human computer interaction is a pivotal goal towards creating a useable system that can adhere to the needs of the end user. In summary human computer interaction is the study and collection of data gained through monitoring how a computer and a user can interact and achieve their objectives. Classic computer interactionRead MoreHuman Computer Interaction ( Hci ) Essay1786 Words   |  8 PagesEmotion is a distinguishing feature of human beings. It is not because other beings cannot express emotions, but we are good at grasping emotions of our fellow beings. Emotions play an important role in the decisions we make in our day-to-day lives. We express emotions in almost everything we do, such as; we express anger when we face atrocities, we express sadness when we hear news of demise, and we express happiness when we get what we want. Further, emotions are not just limited to our personalRead MoreHuman Computer Interaction ( Hci ) Essay1792 Words   |  8 PagesThe expression of emotion is a distinguishing feature of the human beings. The implication here is not that the other beings are incapable of expressing emotions, but we are great at grasping emotions of our fellow beings. The emotions play an important role in the decisions we make in our day-to-day lives. We expr ess emotions in almost everything we do, for example; we express anger when we face atrocities, sadness when we hear news of demise, and celebrate with happiness when we achieve our goalsRead MoreDecision Systems And Human Computer Interaction Essay1178 Words   |  5 Pagesponder about underlying intelligent systems at play, including the possible reasons for search engine’s failure to present the expected results. This incident was phenomenal in transforming my way of thinking about recommendation systems and Human-Computer Interaction. During my senior year (B.E), my focus was mainly towards studying software development and Intelligence in electrical systems (Smart systems). My accomplished projects involved Integrated Smart Meters alongside Schneider Electric and HighRead MoreMobile Computing Is A Human Computer Interaction1477 Words   |  6 Pages Introduction: Mobile computing is becoming the forefront of technological capabilities as we move towards a more ubiquitous society. Networking homes, offices, cars and hand-held computers is the current trend of distributed mobile computing. Mobile computing is a human–computer interaction by which a computer can be transported during normal usage. Portability is one aspect of mobile computing. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, hardware, and a mobile software. Hardware in mobilesRead MoreHuman Computer Interaction And Analytics Technologies Essay1723 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Computer Interaction and Analytics A Term Paper Presented to CMPS 5443: Adv Top: Human-Comp Interaction Department of Computer Science Midwestern State University In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of the Degree Master of Science By Manju Yadav Akkaraboina Fall - 2016 Abstract This paper explains the development in the human computer interaction by using the analytics technologies. The analytics technologies act as a decision support system for the further development in theRead MoreHow Human Computer Interactions Incorporated Into Computer Systems1196 Words   |  5 Pagesinsight into how it can positively affect and benefit the user’s lifestyle. The authors inform the audience of the three types of context-aware computer systems and uses prototype examples to clearly explain them to an audience who would not be knowledgeable about this field. The article highlights how human-computer interactions incorporated into computer systems are continuously evolving to provide a more personal, efficient and user friendly experience. This has further extended onto systems that